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Psychic Intuitive Readings

Medium Empath Channel

Supportive Uplifting Guidance

phone or in person


I have worked with Meadoe on several occasions and find that her connection with the angels and the information she relates is always helpful on many levels. Her ability to sincerely and clearly connect with our angels and the messages and assistance they wish to share with us is excellent. I recommend her Intuitive Guidance service highly.

Ana North, P.H.D., Portland, Oregon

Meadoe is an authentic guide for Spirit. I know this because she was able to see and hear my Spirit Guide. She described him exactly as I know him and as other channelers and psychics have seen him. She is an open vessel for Spirit to come through with messages, guidance, confirmation, and encouragement. Her readings are uplifting and done with ease, humour, and lightness. I cried when she talked because I felt so much love and I felt good for days after.

MaryRose, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Medicine Wheel teacher, Alberta, Canada

I have known Meadoe for about seven years. From time to time I inquire from psychics to help me get 'unstuck' from my thoughts and questions. Although many psychics are able to untangle the issues, Meadoe additionally enlists the loving assistance of the higher beings that watch over all of us. Long after the reading, the love and protection of the beings reverberates through the days and weeks afterwards and it is for this reason that the strength of her readings have so much power. I really value Meadoe insights. Her ability to channel the love and care of the beings is palpable. She creates a way that helps navigate and carry me through the rough patches. This is a rare spiritual gift and the reason why I appreciate her so much.

Lisa Loban, Client, Northern California