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Psychic Intuitive Readings

Medium Empath Channel

Supportive Uplifting Guidance

phone or in person


During a healing session, I ask that Spirit and higher guides and angels are present to guide and assist to show me what needs to be healed and transformed. I see and feel intuitively what has happened and where the pain, injury, or trauma has come from or originated. I am then shown and guided where to send healing energy that comes through from Spirit. Sometimes, I am shown to use different elements for healing such as fire and water to burn or cleanse away energy. Each healing is different because each person is unique. I let Spirit guide me and show and lead the way. I am a conduit for the healing energy that comes through to the client. If there are any emotional blocks those are also released during the session.  I also am a trained Emotion Code Therapist and use this technique to clear and release a lot of old baggage. It releases emotions built up from trauma or other challenging situations in life.  Lastly, I have studied and trained as a Spiritual Response Therapist to clear energies past, present, and future. I can also clear energies using this technique. During a session I will check to see what is the best way to proceed and what will help a person the most at this time.