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Empath Clairvoyant Channel

I grew up in a spiritually open family that led me to try different healing techniques that brought inner and outer change and transformation to my life. Some of these techniques were Family Constellations, Breath-Work, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Response Therapy, and Emotional Code Healing. This started me on the healing path at a young age.

I remember often praying to God and angels for guidance and protection. I met different teachers along the way who guided and encouraged me to use my intuitive gifts. One of them passed on his knowledge of a healing technique called Spiritual Response Therapy as well as how to use a pendulum to clear energy. While learning this technique, I began seeing visions including past lives, and had other spiritual experiences that led me to continue this type of work and to offer regular clairvoyant readings. I am also a trained Emotion Code practitioner and I have been using this healing modality for the past twelve years.