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Psychic Intuitive Readings

Medium Empath Channel

Supportive Uplifting Guidance

phone or in person


Hi, and welcome to my website!..glad you've come to check it out. I offer psychic intuitive readings as well as energy healing sessions at a distance or in person. I see and feel intuitively what is happening with a situation and person. I use the psychic senses to answer questions related to relationships, health, past lives, or big transitions such as a move or job change. What a person asks is up to them, the skies the limit! The psychic senses i use during a reading are: clairaudience (clear inner hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing with the inner mind or third eye) clairsentience (clear feeling) as well as claircognizance (clear knowing). I also am able to connect with and channel higher guides and angels and pass on this information. Their messages are always uplifting, supportive, and truthful. I'm hear to listen and pass on what i see and hear in a supportive and loving way, to bring helpful clarity no matter what the questions or the situation. 

Available in person or phone: 541-790​-906​1